West Baden Springs Hotel

Hidden in the scenic rolling hills of southern Indiana lies the West Baden Springs Hotel. Once the premiere getaway for America’s elite, West Baden has been restored to it’s original splendor.  We couldn’t help but want to find out more about the rich history of the hotel and see the stunning beauty for ourselves.

It was 8am on a Friday morning when we packed the car with our gear and were on the road.  Our plans?  Get to West Baden, pick up whatever footage we needed, and move over to French Lick to do it again; with plans to be back before 5 o’clock. Even with all the  extensive research and pre-production we did beforehand, nothing could have prepared us for just how stunning West Baden would be.  As soon as we took our first steps into the dome and laid eyes on the beautiful atrium, we knew our plans for the day would need to be changed.  With so much to be documented at West Baden alone, we realized we could not fit both hotels in one day. There was nothing to do but spend the whole day at West Baden, and even that wasn’t enough.

Documenting the West Baden Springs hotel was beautifully frustrating.  We felt a certain peace walking around the grounds and soaking in all of the timeless beauty the hotel has to offer; however, at the same time we felt frustrated–no matter how many angles we filmed from–no matter how many photos we snapped–nothing–nothing could capture the elegance of West Baden like the naked eye.

Even as we walked out to the car to head home for the night, we couldn’t help but find excuses to get more footage.  We literally snapped photos as we drove back to “real” life.  To think a place with such rich history and rare artistry could be found right in the heart of Indiana is truly amazing.  But one day just isn’t enough.  West Baden is the kind of place you just want to experience over and over again.

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