Hog Wrestling

The next olympic sport? Probably not, but there was much fun to be had in the mud at the 2009 Owen County Fair Hog Wrestling Contest. There is not an abundance of Literature on the subject of Hog Wrestling, but the participants at the Owen County Fair seemed to all have their own opinions about what one should do to snag a hog.

As documenters of the event we got to see a whole variety of different approaches on how it should be done. Some people just swam in the mud, while others formulated calculated plans of attack with an emphasis on teamwork, bringing the hog down as a cohesive unit. Who thought hog wrestling could be so exciting!

Take a look at some of the highlights of the 2009 Owen County Fair Hog Wrestling! You’re in for a Mud Bath. But most importantly ask yourself the question: How would you do it?

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