Bluespring Caverns – Natural Beauty

Beneath the ground where natural light cannot reach lurk some of the stranger creatures on this earth. Even Indiana can lay claim to being host to one of these interesting rare species. In the depths of Bluespring Caverns lives the Northern Cavefish, completely blind, typically 5-10cm in length, and with absolutely no pigment.

Although the ecosystem of subterranean caves are not all that diverse, the Northern Cavefish weighs in as the top predator in its environment. Other sorts of creatures exist in the cave, but food can still be scarce. Through years of isolation in the rare subterranean ecosystem the Cavefish have adapted to the risk of starvation. These blind little fish can survive for about two years without food. With a low metabolic rate, and few predators, the cavefish is able to survive.

Despite the strengths this creature has developed to thrive in this dark environment, they are still close to be an endangered species unless circumstances improve. Their isolation from the “upper” world doesn’t grant immunity to the mark of man. Pollution still finds its way into the underwater cave systems through seepage, as chemicals and other pollutants make their way through the groundwater system.

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